Philips VG-8020 DIN8 to CVBS cable

This instruction is only for Philips VG MSX models. Philips MSX computers have a DIN8 output. Most monitors have a CVBS (RCA) or scart input. The audio output is mono. So you can use a stereo audio cable for the video and audio signals.

Parts needed

Pin layout

The DIN8 side:
Picture of the DIN8

Philips DIN8 Monitor out

  1. not used, not connected
  2. +12V, not connected
  3. +5V, not connected
  4. monochrome out, not connected
  5. ground, connect to ground wire of both RCA cables
  6. video out (CVBS), connect to the middle wire of the yellow RCA cable
  7. audio out, connect to the middle wire of the white RCA cable
  8. not used, not connected
And the other RCA side:

Picture of the RCA


  1. Don't let the connector pins get too hot, the plastic of the connectors will melt.
  2. Use heat shrink around the pins for better screening of the signal.