New roms in openMSX

Sometimes you will run into problems if you want to ripp and use your own roms.
The checksum in the configuration that comes with openMSX will not correspond with the roms of your own machine.
It's not hard to create and add the checksum of your own roms to the existing machine configuration.

Add your own roms in the directory /usr/share/openmsx/systemroms
This is the directory for Linux, for Windows see the openMSX manual

Go to that directory using the Linux terminal (XTerm for example)

cd /usr/share/openmsx/systemroms

Log in as root:
/usr/share/openmsx/systemroms$ su root (type wachtwoord)

/usr/share/openmsx/systemroms# sha1sum MSX2.ROM

/usr/share/openmsx/systemroms# sha1sum DISK.ROM

Then go to the directory: /usr/share/openmsx/machines

Open the file for the MSX machine:
# nano Philips_VG_8236.xml;

Add the checksum for the MSX2.ROM in the following section of the configuration file:

    <primary slot="0">
      <ROM id="MSX BIOS with BASIC ROM">
          <sha1>6103b39f1e38d1aa2d84b1c3219c44f1abb5436e</sha1> <!-- from Marcel's 8235/20 -->
          <sha1>5e1a4bd6826b29302a1eb88c340477e7cbd0b50a</sha1> <!-- confirmed on Luc's 8235/00 -->
        <mem base="0x0000" size="0x8000"/>

And for the DISK.ROM in:

      <secondary slot="3">
        <WD2793 id="Memory Mapped FDC">
            <sha1>c3efedda7ab947a06d9345f7b8261076fa7ceeef</sha1> <!-- from Marcel's 8235/20 -->
            <sha1>f283ad736a8f3b88ca3bd940e28adf27c12cbda1</sha1> <!-- marked NMS 2.2, from Luc's 8235/20 -->
            <sha1>8954e59aa79310c7b719ecf0cde1e82fb731dcd1</sha1> <!-- same as first one, but different FDC registers -->
            <sha1>383de340910981bc1e8a2acaec8663b020804ba1</sha1> <!-- same as first one, but different FDC registers, from Luc's 8235/00 -->
            <sha1>849f93867ff7846b27f84d0be418569faf058ac2</sha1> <!-- also marked NMS 2.2, but 281 bytes different from the first one-->
          <mem base="0x4000" size="0x8000"/> <!-- Verified on real MSX: mirroring in page 2 -->

Save the configuratie with CTRL+O and CTRL-X.

Log out as root:
# exit

Start the emulator to test the roms added:
$ openmsx -machine Philips_VG_8235

The result should be your running MSX machine in openMSX:

Philips VG 8235 in