DIY granular synthersizer

This is my first DIY synthersizer project.
It's based on the code by Peter Knight.


It's a simple synth, a great first project to start building synthersizers.

How to start

Skills needed:



Download the Bzzz arduino code. Build the code with the Arduino IDE and upload it to your arduino nano.
License: BSD


First test the code on a breadboard. Use the diagram below to connect the wires. Don't connect the + Vin and - GND to a power adapter when you using the usb cable to connect your Arduino.

Bzzz diagram

Bzzz breadboard

If all seem to work then start soldering the parts...

Be carefull connecting the power connector, check the polarity of the power supply used!
Inner +
Outer +
Connected wrong you will damage your Arduino!!!

Bzzz soldered

Making a casing

Just use your imagination :)

Bzzz housing 2 Bzzz
        housing 3 Bzzz housing 4 Bzzz housing 5 Bzzz housing 6